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Dr. Norman Whyte

Norman Whyte,

Dr.Norman Whyte is a Licensed Clinical/Faith-based Therapist practicing in the areas of Marriage and Family, Conflict Resolution, Anxiety, and Depression. He is a member of the National Christian Counselors Association and is also Certified as a Supreme Court of Florida Family Mediator. 

Dr. Whyte is an active member of the Democratic Executive Committee and is currently an Elected Vice President of the prestigious historic Miami-Dade County Democratic Black Caucus. He was the Co-Chair of the Jobs Economics and Tourism Taskforce in Senate District 38 that spawned 16 Cities and towns before being appointed to be the President of the Citizens Advisory Board that oversaw twelve Board members, who oversaw fourteen Chairpersons overseeing fourteen Taskforces.

Dr. Whyte was also the Director of the Hollywood Colombian Lions Club International.

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