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Sunday Lunner – Mental Health Awareness 2019

Mental Health Awareness 2019

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Join us via FREE live stream. Let’s work together to gain understanding and diminish the stigma behind Mental Health! Our Sunday Lunner Mental Health Awareness event will bring together a group made up of approximately 30 individuals from all walks of life, who have overcome or are still working through Un-managed Stress, Anxiety and/or Depression. The goal is to share and discuss real-life stories so others can learn and understand the real impact on individuals and their everyday lives, and also highlight the stigma of Mental Health challenges in our communities. We must find healthier ways to respond to these events that affect us and our loved ones.

The conversation will be guided by our Speakers to capture the impact in the areas of Personal and Work Lives, Relationships, and Society as a whole.

This event is hosted by Commissioner Maxwell Chambers of The City of Miramar, FL and will be available to the public via Livestream. Please register for details.

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Calendar Icon StrategyNook June 9, 2019

Time Icon StrategyNook 3:00 PM

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