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Business Strategy Summit NYC Speakers

Janet A. Johnson

Janet A. Johnson is a Management Consultant, Life Coach and Holistic Health Advocate with more than 15 years of strategic project and business management experience coupled with expertise in stress management, life coaching and mentoring. She is the proud owner of StrategyNook LLC, a consultancy that helps companies and individuals develop strategies and brands to improve performance and maximize growth.

Nicole McCullum

Nicole McCullum is a 2X Entrepreneur, Speaker and Digital Marketing Strategist, she has been at the forefront of internet marketing for over a decade. As the founder of Captivate Designs, a web design, digital marketing and digital training company she has used her expertise to help small and mid-size businesses leverage the internet to grow.

Lionel Fisher

Lionel Fisher is a partner in the Fisher Family Group of Companies which was started in 2008. Today, their portfolio has expanded to include The Fisher Group, Central Caribbean Bakery and Central Seafood, owing partly to his astuteness as an Accountant and Business Executive. He is also the head of Accounts Payable for Kobrand Corporation.

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