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About Business Strategy Summit™

Our Business Strategy Summit™ focuses on the resources needed to Strategically Align your Business Strategy and Brand, and addresses why Planning and having the right set of tools is key to your business success! Let me just preach to you a little bit here…If you have ever embarked on any activity without a plan, you would appreciate proper planning and execution, but also understand that the key to that is also having the right mix of resources. Here are some facts:

-Many businesses fail within the first few years because they lack proper business strategy.
-About 30 percent of businesses fail within the first two years.
-About 50 percent fail within the first five years.

You may be thinking, “there are many other things that affect the success of a business.” While this is true, if you really think about it, you will see that it all comes back to inadequate planning and execution that leads to strategic misalignment. For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses, this generally amounts to lack of resources in people, tools, knowledge, skills, and abilities to push out their businesses strategically across all areas. THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN! As practitioners in our various fields of expertise, we understand your pain points and respond to your personal challenges during our events but we can’t explain how we do this. Come out and experience it for yourselves. Also, take the opportunity to listen to testimonials from past participants.

Here’s what we can tell you! Our Business Strategy Summit™ brings together professionals from all industries to engage, learn, grow and gain insights into how to improve, develop and/or refocus their business strategy. We aim to include a wide field of talented contributors who have achieved their full potential in their chosen industry. This summit will include practicing Entrepreneur Speakers in their field of expertise.

If you are unable to attend any of our events physically, you can attend virtually! We have created a special live stream option so you can partake in the event directly from our website. Can’t attend live? Don’t worry, we’ll have the video available for replay! Your virtual event ticket gives you replay access. Once you have purchased your virtual ticket, we will send you the live stream details.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us for an event filled with knowledge, growth and an expansion of ideas.

About Our Speakers

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Tickets for our General Business Strategy Summit™ range in prices, with virtual tickets for $27.00 and $97.00 for on-location admission. See upcoming events below for a list of future events.
Main Event Price: $97.00
Where: Across Several States
Refreshments: Provided

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Featured Speakers

Janet A. Johnson is a Management Consultant, Life Coach and Holistic Health Advocate with more than 15 years of strategic project and business management experience coupled with expertise in stress management, life coaching and mentoring. She is the proud owner of StrategyNook LLC, a consultancy that helps companies and individuals develop strategies and brands to improve performance and maximize growth. Janet believes the key to any business’ success is having the right tools, the right people, and the right blend of determination and expertise to get the job done. As a result, she employs a collaborative approach to helping clients and team members expand their “toolkit.”

Over the years, Janet has successfully managed and delivered a number of critical initiatives, for large companies such as Beckman Coulter, JetBlue Airways, and Cayman Airways, and has supported several small companies and entrepreneurs in their endeavors. She has a track record for improving organizations’ performance through project management delivery, with focus on organizational leadership, quality standards and strategic alignment. She has also worked with several non-profit organizations during their development stages, and assisted in successfully attaining their not-for-profit status from IRS. She continues to guide these organizations in a consultative mode.

A philanthropist at heart, Janet is the Founder of Sunny Plains Foundation and certified Director of a Holistic Health Stress, Anxiety and Depression Recovery Program. She currently serves as Vice President responsible for Strategic Planning for Education Foundation for Children’s Care (EFCCI); Board Member of Saving Orphans Through Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO) and a member of their Business Advisory Committee; and also a past Board Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) South Florida Chapter.

Janet holds a Master of Science in Management with dual emphases on Project Leadership & Management, and Organizational Leadership from Regis University, with Graduate Academic Certificates in Executive Project Management and Strategic Business Management. She is also certified as a Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute and holds memberships in the Association for Business Process Management Professionals International, the International Institute for Business Analysis, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Nicole McCullum is a 2X Entrepreneur, Speaker and Digital Marketing Strategist, she has been at the forefront of internet marketing for over a decade. As the founder of Captivate Designs, a web design, digital marketing and digital training company she has used her expertise to help small and mid-size businesses leverage the internet to grow.
Nicole has also trained thousands of New York City small business owners and marketing professionals on how to execute successful digital marketing strategies.

Nicole has contributed to and been quoted in distinguished business publications such as Forbes, Inc.com, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph UK, and many others.

In her spare time Nicole enjoys traveling and supporting various hunger projects because she believes no one should ever have to go hungry.

Lionel Fisher is a partner in the Fisher Family Group of Companies which was started in 2008. Today, their portfolio has expanded to include The Fisher Group, Central Caribbean Bakery and Central Seafood, owing partly to his astuteness as an Accountant and Business Executive. He is also the head of Accounts Payable for Kobrand Corporation.

Lionel is extremely knowledgeable and well respected in his community where he serves as Accountant and Notary Public. Whether it is breaking down the new tax laws or being solicited for his advice on a range of issues, he is never too busy to help his clients.

Lionel is the father of two and as a philanthropist, every summer he holds a fundraiser at his company barbecue to fund a basic school in Jamaica. He is a leader whose mantle of authority rests easily on his shoulders.
Lionel studied at The University of Connecticut (UConn) where he majored in Psychology and Business and later studied at Mercy College to become a Certified Public Accountant. (CPA)

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