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I have great passion for my combined work in consulting – from strategic planning, project management, change management, and coaching, and I often join these competencies together effectively to achieve great results. After many years of working full time for large corporations, and in my consulting practice, I have found change management and coaching to be key enablers in realizing true business or technology transformation. StrategyNook continues to evolve with time as change is imminent. We stay committed to providing the best strategies and solutions that will drive transformation and success.

Coaching: Coaching has become a game-changer in my practice as the process, tools and techniques continue to help many business clients and project team members that are “stuck” because of unresolved personal and work challenges to move forward. Getting them “unstuck” helped to improve their overall performance, growth and delivery. It appeared to also help improve their overall peace of mind as they focused on each facet of their individuality on their journey to vitality and happiness. To harness this paradigm shift, StrategyNook created a lifestyle and wellness brand, “Life with Jan”, to focus on the coaching aspect of the business in guiding professionals on their journey to a fulfilled life, health, and personal power.

Digital Marketing: Throughout my work over the years, a need for delivering digital marketing solutions to help clients’ move their projects forward became apparent. Understanding the importance of this need and the trajectory of the global online demand, I was further inspired in my work. This gave birth to my digital marketing offerings.

Partnerships: Today I work independently and also partner with other like-minded consultants from varied backgrounds to deliver the best strategic solutions for success. Individually or together, we provide professional services in strategic planning, strategic project management, change management, business management, coaching, and brand management with digital marketing and support.

Let’s work together!

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