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Kim Caruthers

Business Transformation Consultant

Janet and I were both engaged as Project Managers to execute the merger of two airlines, each of us focusing on our areas of expertise. I was immediately impressed with Janet’s knowledge of ethics and corporate strategy, and the impact on the area of human relations. In addition, her professionalism and commitment to getting results was remarkable.

Janet so impressed me that when I needed to step down from a very long-term contract serving another airline client in the Caribbean, I could only consider Janet as my replacement. My main concern was finding someone I could trust to take care of my client as I would, while also having the competence necessary to get the results expected. In short order, after meeting with Janet and listening to her ideas and suggestions, my client supported the transition. After a few weeks it was apparent that they were very pleased with her contribution and she has surpassed the original termination date to continue serving this client.

Throughout my professional career I hope to have more opportunities to work with Janet. Few people live up to the standards Janet imposes on herself; ultimate professionalism and service to her client above personal gain.

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