I help professionals who are at a crossroad in life to create strategies, healthy habits and harmony across their personal and professional lives, so they can fulfill their potential, increase their income, and experience the joy in living the fullest version of themselves.

Does This Sound Like You?

Feeling stressed or burnt-out? Lacking drive and need extra doses of motivation? Often find yourself stuck in situations where you need to take an action? Can’t get over obstacles or blocks and need assistance to help propel you forward? Need to improve your performance and productivity? Unclear about your next steps?

Perhaps you fear failure and are plagued by limiting beliefs. Fear that you aren’t good enough or not cut out for this. Fear of rejection. Fear of regret. Having difficulty making decisions or choosing a purpose to pursue. Not taking strategic action to achieve your personal or business goals. Lack of clarity scares you away from chasing and realizing your dreams. Unable to focus. Missed opportunities or need to find new possibilities.

The reality is, you find yourself at a crossroad in life and don’t know which path to take. You let your fears, doubts, and insecurities dictate your destiny. You want to transform your life, and need motivation and a confidant but have no idea where to start. You need to find a way to live as the truest version of yourself.

You aren’t alone! I know it feels devastating to see that your life and business aren’t where you dreamed they'd be. You want change to happen, but you aren’t ready to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. But your comfort zone is the enemy of your confidence. The longer you reside in that comfort zone, the more your fears grow. It becomes a vicious cycle - your fears drive procrastination.

Stressed Out Person

Meet Jan, Your Business & Life Coach

Ever since childhood, I have had natural and unique abilities to foster diverse relationships, solve problems, and lead others to coalesce around issues. These abilities led me to my career in coaching, consulting and project management for more than 15 years. Coaching has become the backbone of my practice because of it's effectiveness in helping individuals and team members realize breakthroughs and transformations to move forward and fulfill their professional and life potential, and experience the joy in living. Having led my own path to transformation, helping others on their journey feeds my passion for coaching.

Life Struggles Are Real - I have gotten over them and so can you!

Life comes at you fast, often from every direction and unannounced. In every facet of life, whether your career, personal life, social life or even managing relationships, we all occasionally face issues that seem insurmountable. Do you know how to get back on track and do the things you once loved? Do you know how to move forward in your life or career when you feel it has stalled? Do you know how to achieve any type of success when stress or fear becomes overwhelming? These are all REAL questions we ask ourselves internally when we take a gut check. The right answers are crucial.

Here’s the good news! Fortunately, we don't have to overcome our struggles alone. There are professionals willing to help us achieve a whole lot when we reach out and get the help we need and deserve. I am here for you. I’ve been there and I understand. As an individual with personal life goals and a professional with years of experience working for major corporations including fortune 500, I understand the rut, the toil, and grind of balancing a complex work and home life successfully. Let me help you navigate through the tough questions and together we can find answers specifically suited to your needs and goals.

Are you ready to have a powerful life changing conversation?

Janet Johnson

Success Stories

Suzan Sacket Image
5 STARS!!! I cannot recommend Janet enough. She was exceptionally caring, compassionate, and professional throughout the process and her coaching was superior. Janet is very experienced and knew just how to approach me and the problems I was having. She is extremely competent and effective and I highly recommend her to anyone who is needing guidance in overcoming obstacles in life or experiencing a stressful situation
Suzan Sacket
Sam Bogwandas Picture
Within weeks Janet has helped me move past hurdles and sticking points, which has already borne fruit in the form of C-Level recognition. Her coaching and motivational inputs have enabled me to set higher expectations for myself in the corporate environment. I am now realizing my untapped potential!
Sam Bogwandas
Hannah C Picture
Janet's coaching approach is incredibly focused and strategic. Her professional background aids in creating clarity in direction for her clients. She is present and is able to get down to the core issue, which has helped me as someone whose ideas and issues tend to scatter and run all over the place. I highly recommend her!
Hannah Choi
Heather Lynch Picture
Janet is a powerful coach. She made me feel like she understood what I was going through right from the start and made me feel comfortable sharing my challenges. She helped me see the potential in myself, and also helped me get the bests results for my life. Janet will support you, and empower you, and go the extra mile for your success. I highly recommend Janet as a life coach.
Heather L. Clougston

What Results Can I Expect?

Through one-on-one business or life coaching, or through carefully curated, self-guided, targeted courses you can expect to be able to: Develop a success mindset, attack limiting beliefs and get clarity on your goals. Manage stress levels and enjoy a healthy, productive lifestyle. Properly address toxic situations. Define your true authentic self. Make better use of your time and make better decisions. Overcome obstacles and open up a world of new potential opportunities in your personal and work life.

Your journey starts now. How would you like to proceed?

One-on-One Coaching

If you need customized individual business or life coaching, this is for you! My one-on-one coaching is personalized and laser focused on addressing your needs, struggles or challenges, covering areas such as stress management, unlocking new possibilities, personal identity, business strategy and branding, and much more. All this, while creating harmony across your personal and business domains so you can fulfill your potential, increase income, and experience the joy in living the fullest version of yourself. Where needed, I include mentoring, consulting, and reflection to inject high levels of motivation. Plus you will receive a personalized implementation plan to move you forward. The path to your desired future is just one click away.

Janet Johnson Life Coaching Courses
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Self Guided Learning with Group Coaching

If you prefer the freedom of self guided learning with group coaching experience that provides the opportunity to learn from others while growing together, this is for you! Each course is targeted to address specific issues that contribute to the struggles or challenges that keep us stuck, preventing us from living the life we desire and deserve. You will be able to unleash and maximize your full potential, increase your income, and experience the joy in living the fullest version of yourself, if you do all you can to achieve individual goals.

My online courses are augmented with weekly live 90-minute coaching sessions, as well as instruction and consultation through each course community support forum. Each course and forum is easy to access and will include helpful tips that can be applied in real life scenarios. Let's make this year monumental.

Choose any one of my targeted courses today and begin the journey to a life you desire and deserve.

Janet Johnson Life Coaching Courses

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