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Janet A. Johnson Management Consultant & Life Coach

Business & Life Coaching Programs

My Business & Life Coaching programs help individuals and project team members manage their personal and professional lives. These programs are tailored to help them target specific areas in their personal and/or professional lives. The areas of focus include: Business Strategy & Branding, Personal Identity & Branding, Stress Management, and Life Management.

Business Strategy & Brand Coaching

I help develop strategies for my clients’ businesses, from the ideation stage through development, taking into consideration the tools and solutions that they will need to achieve success. My executive coaching technique is combined with her Project Management methods and strategies, developed over more than a decade with proven results. Clients are ultimately provided with a competitive advantage and are able to create appropriate messages for their audiences with maximum reach.

Personal Identity & Brand Coaching

My Personal Identity and Branding sessions are uniquely tailored to women. I help them find their voices and passions while developing an individualized message that positions them to step out with confidence as their true selves.

“Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like you have lost your identity?”

My pioneering technique asks women to determine the fundamental truths about themselves. I recognize that they are often confined to roles including: “mother” selflessly raising their kids; the “understanding” “wife”; the loving “daughter”; the reliable “sister” and the best “friend”. I ensure that each client moves beyond comfortable societal roles and titles and asks themselves these important questions in developing their personal brand: “Who am I?”; “What do I really want to do?”; “Where do I go from here?”; “What energizes me?”; “What is my passion?” and “How do I develop it?”

Stress Management Coaching

My Stress Management Coaching helps individuals and project team members manage their personal and professional lives.  Today’s work environment is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands.  As a result, excessive stress has become so common it is now considered the norm, a necessity that cannot be avoided. In small doses, stress can be beneficial and may even help to improve performance under pressure.  However, if you’re constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body end up paying a great price.  Much of this burden can be prevented by recognizing the signs and symptoms and taking effective steps to reduce the harmful effects.  My program helps clients control their stress levels with a wealth of resources and tools that are aimed at improving their quality of life and performance. It facilitates each client by tackling their specific individual challenges in the work or home environment and leverages solutions that are practical yet wholly effective.

Effective stress management means greater productivity, more income and increased health and happiness.”

Life Management Coaching

My Life Management Coaching is custom tailored to suit clients’ individual targets. This personalized program includes one on one coaching sessions, mentoring, counseling, and reflection. My program’s success hinges on my ability to listen, encourage and implement solutions that propel my clients to achieve their personal goals.

Your life is your own personal project.  Manage it well.  Change the things within your control and manage the things you can!”

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