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Velton Showell III

Main Event Speaker – Velton Showell is an internationally acclaimed Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Business Consultant, who is celebrated for his unparalleled wit and wisdom. With expertise in Leadership, Organizational Development, Sales, Marketing, and exceptional Customer Experience, he forges deep connections with his audiences worldwide. Delivering dynamic, entertaining messages that resonate across the globe, Velton captivates listeners with his humor and practical techniques. Seamlessly blending research, theory, and real-life experience, he urges individuals to take control of their businesses and lives by harnessing the power of their minds – the human body’s strongest muscle. Velton challenges his audiences to shatter conventional thinking and broaden their horizons. With an invigorating call to action, he inspires them to think bigger, dream more audaciously, and unlock their boundless potential.

Velton has been featured in Virtual CEO Society, Black Meetings & Tourism, Collinson Media Events, and Leadership Dynamics Academy.

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