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Lionel Fisher

Lionel Fisher is a partner in the Fisher Family Group of Companies which was started in 2008. Today, their portfolio has expanded to include The Fisher Group, Central Caribbean Bakery and Central Seafood, owing partly to his astuteness as an Accountant and Business Executive. He is also the head of Accounts Payable for Kobrand Corporation.

Lionel is extremely knowledgeable and well respected in his community where he serves as Accountant and Notary Public. Whether it is breaking down the new tax laws or being solicited for his advice on a range of issues, he is never too busy to help his clients.
Lionel is the father of two and as a philanthropist, every summer he holds a fundraiser at his company barbecue to fund a basic school in Jamaica. He is a leader whose mantle of authority rests easily on his shoulders.

Lionel studied at The University of Connecticut (UConn) where he majored in Psychology and Business and later studied at Mercy College to become a Certified Public Accountant. (CPA)

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