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Dr. Anthony Stroman

VIP Real Talk Panel SpeakerDr. Anthony Stroman is a Transformational Leader, Financial Health Consultant, Holistic Health Advocate, and the Founder of Stroman Enterprises, Inc. His mission is to destroy debt and create generational wealth through education by teaching financial literacy, as well guiding individuals to better health.

Dr. Anthony’s background includes banking and finance. He is a certified Financial Educator, Certified Instructor in Credit Education and Debt Elimination, and is currently a member of Toastmasters International, Georgia Consortium for Personal Financial Literacy and former Vice President of Credit Professionals International of Atlanta. As a Health Coach with 20 years experience in Chronic Disease and Cancer Prevention Education, he guides others to improved health and well-being.

Dr. Anthony conducts seminars across the country with faith-based and community organizations, corporations, small businesses and non-profits. He has appeared throughout the country on radio and television shows focusing on helping people free themselves from the shackles of compromised health, bad debt and credit mismanagement.

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