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Ali Mehdaoui

VIP Real Talk Panel SpeakerAli Mehdaoui founded Mehdaoui Enterprise in 2014 from the collaboration of traditional business experience and the online business development opportunities. His 15 years career has catapulted a consulting, training, and marketing firm with every aspect of business solutions a client/partner needs to start, grow or scale up a successful company. Today, Mehdaoui Enterprise ranks #7 CEO in the global work ranking on online and media companies. Ali believes that his versatile experience in traditional brick and mortar companies with successful exit strategies gave him firsthand experience to result-based processes.

His achievements include:

  • 2014: Top earner and producer award (Association of Network Marketing Pros)
  • 2015: Featured in Networking Times Magazine.
  • 2016: Consulted for Code Green Solar. Took them from $12M a year to $200M a year in 12 months
  • 2017: Authored “The Lying Network Marketer” Sold globally over 47k copies in first year.
  • 2017: Featured in MLM Nation (1 million listeners)
  • 2017: Six Sigma Management Institute C-level training by Sandra Harry
  • 2017: Created, ran, and managed YIPPI’s IPO initiative for Nasdaq listing (They have been public since)
  • 2017: Worked with Dr. Roni DeLuz and Steve Harvey’s team to launch a health and wellness program.
  • 2017: Spoke at our first TEDx
  • 2018: spoke at more than 100 conferences/conventions
  • 2018: Launched Influencer Attraction Media and trained over 55k entrepreneurs. (Sold in 2022)
  • 2019: Launched the Young Entrepreneur project and trained in 7 countries in five languages.
  • 2020: Launched “Your Strategic Partner Podcast”
  • 2020: Release “The Lying Network Marketer the Audiobook” with updated and double the content. (100k downloads in year 1)
  • 2021: Named the LA tribune and NY weekly Top Thought Leaders to Watch Out For.
  • 2021: Featured on “Market Watch”, “Yahoo Finance”
  • 2022: Acquired multiple companies to create a full in-house business solutions company – Social Media Management, Public Relations, Digital Solutions, Event Coordination, Funding, Virtual Assistant Services, Corporate Consulting, and Business Mentoring
  • 2022: Featured on “The Napoleon Hill Foundation” “Can You Think & Grow Rich” on Roku TV
  • 2023: Ranked 14th out 625 Top World Ranking CEO’s in media and online companies
  • 2023: Won World Excellence Bizz Award from World Confederation of Business for 3 categories:
    o Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Results Achiever

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