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Our Sunday Lunner event is a space for business people to gain new insights, connect with other like minded individuals and enjoy an afternoon filled with great food, engaging topics, entertainment and fellowship.

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About Sunday Lunner

Lunner represents a meal between lunch and dinner. Our Sunday Lunner offers a variety of lunch and dinner options tailored to suit each event, making way for delectable food combinations, an atmosphere of relaxation, interconnectedness, and engagement. Our events are hosted for approximately 2 1/2 hours anywhere between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM, depending on location and attendees’ schedule.

We provide information, networking opportunities, and support for small business owners and entrepreneurs as well as those looking to strategically align their business and personal brands or simply explore issues or ideas.

Our goal is to host approximately 50 attendees, at each meeting, who are given the opportunity to share their business or personal brand challenges or other issues with the Presenter, based on the event theme. These challenges are discussed and worked through so that the group can learn from the process.

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Sunday Lunner events are held in the Afternoon on Sundays.
See upcoming events below for a list of future events. Main features:
Ticket Price: Free to $97.00 depending on event.
Refreshments: Main Course, Afternoon Tea, Salad Bar & Desserts
Discussion(s): Business, Life & Social Strategies

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Janet A. Johnson is a Management Consultant, Life Coach and Holistic Health Advocate with more than 15 years of strategic project and business management experience coupled with expertise in stress management, life coaching and mentoring. She is the proud owner of StrategyNook LLC, a consultancy that helps companies and individuals develop strategies and brands to improve performance and maximize growth. Janet believes the key to any business’ success is having the right tools, the right people, and the right blend of determination and expertise to get the job done. As a result, she employs a collaborative approach to helping clients and team members expand their “toolkit.”

Over the years, Janet has successfully managed and delivered a number of critical initiatives, for large companies such as Beckman Coulter, JetBlue Airways, and Cayman Airways, and has supported several small companies and entrepreneurs in their endeavors. She has a track record for improving organizations’ performance through project management delivery, with focus on organizational leadership, quality standards and strategic alignment. She has also worked with several non-profit organizations during their development stages, and assisted in successfully attaining their not-for-profit status from IRS. She continues to guide these organizations in a consultative mode.

A philanthropist at heart, Janet is the Founder of Sunny Plains Foundation and certified Director of a Holistic Health Stress, Anxiety and Depression Recovery Program. Also, she currently serves as Vice President responsible for Strategic Planning for Education Foundation for Children’s Care (EFCCI); Board Member of Saving Orphans Through Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO) and a member of their Business Advisory Committee; and also a past Board Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) South Florida Chapter.

Janet holds a Master of Science in Management with dual emphases on Project Leadership & Management, and Organizational Leadership from Regis University, with Graduate Academic Certificates in Executive Project Management and Strategic Business Management. She is also certified as a Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute and holds memberships in the Association for Business Process Management Professionals International, the International Institute for Business Analysis, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

CeCe Espeut is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a former US Marine and a 2018 TEDx Speaker.  Her life is centered on three core values: God, Family and Education. After serving as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps for ten years, CeCe made a series of bad decisions and ended up in prison for her involvement in a drug conspiracy. After leaving prison and completing her probation she applied for and was granted clemency in 2012 by Florida Governor Rick Scott.  She is now in the process of applying for a Presidential Pardon.  CeCe speaks three to four times a week in jails, prisons and drug treatment centers to inmates from a place of intense passion & personal experience, expertly explaining the somewhat confusing process of how they can get their Florida criminal records sealed, expunged or pardoned.

CeCe’s focus is restoring hope to her audience by telling her story of how Strategic Planning and Goal Setting changed her life. She is an expert at showing others how they can recover from mistakes. CeCe also gives presentations and leads seminars and workshops on topics related to overcoming adversity and Personal Growth and Development. Her favorite presentation so far, has been as a TEDx Speaker in 2018.
CeCe is not only funny, but she uses her charm & wit to disarm people and then deliver deep life lessons regarding reinventing ones-self after being in prison, that prison being either a mindset or a correctional facility. Working/hearing with (experiencing) CeCe is guaranteed to be a life-changing event.

Starting with the “awkwardness” of stereotypes & prison statistics, CeCe delivers a powerful message followed with solutions that work. CeCe sits on the board of the Broward County (FL) Re-Entry Coalition for Ex-Offenders. 
CeCe Espeut is also well-seasoned wedding photographer whose guilty pleasures include milk chocolate, social media and traveling the world. CeCe photographs about 40 weddings per year world-wide. She picked up her first camera at 16 and has been in love with photography ever since. CeCe also writes in her spare time.

Dr. Norman Whyte is a Licensed Clinical/Faith-based Therapist practicing in the areas of Marriage and Family, Conflict Resolution, Anxiety, and Depression. He is a member of the National Christian Counselors Association and is also Certified as a Supreme Court of Florida Family Mediator.

Dr. Whyte is an active member of the Democratic Executive Committee and is currently an Elected Vice President of the prestigious historic Miami-Dade County Democratic Black Caucus. He was the Co-Chair of the Jobs Economics and Tourism Taskforce in Senate District 38 that spawned 16 Cities and towns before being appointed to be the President of the Citizens Advisory Board that oversaw twelve Board members, who oversaw fourteen Chairpersons overseeing fourteen Taskforces.

Dr. Whyte was also the Director of the Hollywood Colombian Lions Club International.

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