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StrategyNook is a consulting and coaching practice specializing in the development and management of business and personal strategies and branding

Providing strategic business solutions - from ideation and implementation to management, together,
we'll overcome obstacles and drive sustainable success through:

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Strategic Planning

Experience the power of Strategic Planning with StrategyNook. Our expert team dives deep to understand your unique challenges and goals, crafting a tailored roadmap that produces a clear vision, actionable strategies, streamlined processes, and the competitive edge needed to overcome challenges while navigating the ever-changing market landscape.

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strategynook project management

Project Management

Say goodbye to project setbacks, missed deadlines, and wasted resources. Our team of experienced project managers is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to turn your projects into triumphs. We take a collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand with you to understand your goals and objectives, identify potential roadblocks, and create a roadmap for success.

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strategynook change management

Change Management

Supercharge your team's productivity, boost employee morale, and cultivate a culture of resilience with StrategyNook by your side. Implementing new technologies, restructuring your organization, or optimizing processes? Our change management experts will guide you through each step, bringing unmatched clarity, communication, and collaboration to your organization.

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strategynook business management

Business Management

Conquer the challenges of business management with StrategyNook as your go-to solution for brand management, streamlining your operations, maximizing efficiency, and achieving sustainable growth. Our proven strategies empower you to make informed decisions, unlock new opportunities, and stay ahead in today's dynamic market. Experience the difference and take charge of journey today.

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Brand Management

Content Development

Creating engaging content that attracts your target audience doesn't have to be your personal headache. We apply effective research methodologies to ensure your marketing materials, blog, press releases and more reflect your intent and drives customer action.

Design & Branding

Shaping the right identity for your brand requires the melding of ideas that are fresh, unique and innovative. We take your requirements and craft a product that emphasizes your selling points and personalizes your brand.

Consultancy & Support

No marketing strategy can be implemented without a sense of trust and the support of a team that stands behind you. We integrate your input in delivering a compelling final product.

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Kim Caruthers

Kim Caruthers

Managing Director, Source PM, Inc.

I was immediately impressed with Janet’s knowledge of ethics, corporate strategy and remarkable professionalism.

Chandra Shekar

Chandra Shekar

Asst. VP, Sheorey Digital Systems

I worked alongside with Janet, who was contracted to implement ARMS V2 ERP System for an Airline in Miami. Janet is a proficient Project Management Consultant, and very knowledgeable and strong in Project Management and Organizational Leadership.

Kerry Ranikine

Kerry-Ann Rankine

Account Executive

I wouldn’t be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without Janet's support and coaching. It has been an invaluable experience to get unstuck and overcome obstacles.

Meet Janet Johnson

25+ Years
of Experience

Engage a seasoned consultant with over 25 years of experience in business management and project management to elevate your organization to new heights. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a track record of successful projects, I bring a unique blend of strategic thinking, practical expertise, and a results-oriented approach.

Benefit from my deep understanding of diverse industries, refined leadership skills, and ability to navigate complex challenges. From optimizing operations and improving efficiencies to driving innovation and implementing change, I will work closely with you to deliver tailored solutions and drive sustainable growth for your business.

Janet A Johnson Project Manager, Business and Life Coach
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