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How To Maximize Your Website Marketing Potential

Posted: November 13, 2018

While having a website is an important marketing milestone for your business, not having a website marketing strategy can be devastating.  Resting on it being online as a promise that leads will come your way is as bad as miscalculations can get. That mistake is made worse when a website has not been adequately optimized to market your business aggressively to its visitors. You need to have a website marketing strategy! In the meantime, there are a couple of checkboxes that need to be ticked before you can safely consider your website an effective lead generating asset. Now we are going to share a few ways to set you up for high quality leads right from your website.

1. Content is Still King

Over a decade ago SEO evangelists went above and beyond educating us on how important content was for a website to get some genuine organic traffic.  They were right, and even more so today. Apart from any code and complexity that goes into making a website, content is perhaps the most important element of any website. Think of it as the cement that brings everything together.

With a good content strategy, your website can leap from being a poorly promoted show to a converging point for potential customers. You too can start bringing more value to your visitors almost instantaneously. Read Search Marketing Best Practices for more on the types of content that could engage your audience.

2. Spark Onsite Engagement

Assuming you already have a content strategy in motion, now comes the part you convert some of that traffic into leads. That means you need to start collecting contact details. First, this has to be voluntary on the part of the visitor. From there, following up on any provided information is  of critical utmost importance.

Since you cannot be online all the time, sparking conversations translates into setting up tools and widgets that open the table for conversations and inquiries. You need inquiries; sales grow from them. There are many such tools and widgets that make a website engaging and exciting for your visitors. The key to successfully using any of these tools is, first, knowing your audience and then choosing the right mix that will keep them engaged.

3. Test & Optimize Your Website Marketing

This section is what makes all the difference, literally. While most websites aim to be different from all others, either in design or just in what it is supposed to yield, your best bet is always morphing into a sharper tool for digging up leads from your traffic. This involves A/B testing and moving pieces around while looking for the most optimized version of your original website idea.

There are certain metrics that one would be keeping tabs on when running this phase. These often vary depending on what counts as growth to you. However, traffic conversion is by far the most important consideration on any website. You can look at traffic conversion as how many people land on the website and how many actually carrying out actions suggested by call-to-action cues. That should be your compass amidst all the commotion often associated with tweaking your website.

4. Other Tools Worth Mentioning

Below, are some other tools that have not been discussed in detail here but are still of great importance and should be included in your online marketing.

  • Invest in retargeting,
  • Build support for the website externally,
  • Prepare the bridge between marketing and sales.

What Now?

Regardless of the kind of business you are in, at a minimum, be sure to include the strategies we have discussed to maximize your website’s marketing potential. While these are a few quick hits to help you with your website marketing, be sure to set some time to develop a full marketing strategy that will help you pitch your brand to your audience, wherever and whenever.

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